Saturday, November 13, 2010

'A Gift for Murder', Karen McCullough; 2011, Five Star Publishing, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning

As assistant to the director of the Washington,DC Market Show Center, Heather McNeil loves her job except for a one week-long stressful ordeal. The Gift and Home Trade show is the largest by far and this year's show is creating turmoil and many other problems than is the norm. When a murdered executive's body is discovered in a trash bin, Heather knows that this trade show has begun with a catastrophe that throws everyone and everything into confusion. The police suspect someone but Heather doesn't agree and sets out to find the murderer before the trade show is over and the guilty party will be free to kill again. Heather has help from a new security officer but she will be risking a job she loves as well as her own safety and well-being.

What a great character Karen McCullough has developed in Heather McNeil. She is genuine, likeable and a bit complex. In 'A Gift for Murder' McCullough has produced an appealing setting that reveals to the reader what occurs during a trade show. Her writing is concise; her characters skillfully portrayed and her storyline stays on track, creating a most enjoyable and interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed every page.

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