Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sex In A Sidecar, Phyllis Smallman, 2009, McArthur & Co.

Hurricane Myrna is hovering south of Cypress Island, Florida, where Sherri Travis works as a bartender at the Sunset in Jacaranda. A suspicious death occurs and then murder and mayhem as Sherri tries to find answers to a multitude of unanswered questions. She is a lively and outgoing bartender and customers open up to her. And at times Sherri wishes they wouldn't confide in her.

The characters are quirky, funny and appealing which create a story that is never tedious but a pure delight. Smallman also knows hurricanes and I found that I learned a lot from this book, as well as enjoying it so much.

Phyllis Smallman's style of writing, which is to the point with great character definition will appeal to many readers.

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