Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'The Violet Hour' by Daniel Judson, 2009. Publisher: St. Martin's Press-Minotaur

Judson, a Shamus Award winning author, introduces us to mechanic Caleb Rakowski who works at a car body shop set in the Hamptons. The shop is owned by his friend Eric Carver. Caleb is a 'good guy' who's looking after a pregnant friend with an abusive husband. Within 3 days, Caleb's life is out of control and he learns secrets that set his life in a tailspin.

'The Violet Hour' is fast moving and an action packed story. Judson is adept at looking at the dark side of his characters.

However, I did not find enough character development in this book. Perhaps that is why Caleb never seemed real to me. I never felt like I knew him.

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