Friday, April 23, 2010

'Dead On', 2009, Robert W. Walker, Five Star Publishing/Gale, Cengage Learning

Former Atlanta policeman Marcus Rydell has had a setback in his life and is trying his hand moonlighting as a PI. But his past won't let him go and he is considering suicide when he hears the screams of a child on the floor above him and rushes to help. At the apartment he meets Dr. Katrina (Kat) Holley, an attractive woman. Kat lures Rydell out of his suicidal despair by convincing him to go after a macabre murderer on the loose who has destroyed both their lives. Their journey takes them from Atlanta to the northwest section of Georgia in the deepest part of a dense forest. Kat and Marcus are hunting for this killer/maniac when they realize he is stalking them and the hunting game begins.

Walker has written a tension filled noir thriller that seizes you from the first paragraph. He expresses in depth perception of what Rydell is thinking and feeling to such a degree that the reader can truly get inside Marcus' head. 'Dead On' has an extraordinary plot filled with twists and turns. Walker inserts a subplot on the relationship between Kat and Rydell and adds humor as well. Will these two continue to work together?

'Dead On' is a true page turner bound to keep you immersed.

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  1. Thanks a million, Connie; you are a great critic; anyone who GETS my sense of humor is a great critic. Trust me, not everyone does. Sincerly and genuinely want to say THANKS.