Thursday, April 1, 2010

'Murder on Everest', 2010, Charles G. Irion & Ronald J. Watkins, Irion Books

One evening on Mt. Everest at 28,700 feet during a blinding blizzard, Scott Devlon is trying to help his friend Derek Sodoc down from the summit but Derek cannot get up,is close to death and Scott must leave and save himself. The expedition was sponsored by Derek's father, Michael, and his Sodoc Foundation and became the most publicized event in climbing history.

The following year Michael Sodoc, also owner of SNS (Sodoc News System) sets up another expedition with the same individuals from the previous year to recover his son's body. But there are other bodies up there - what about them? Scott and his friend don't like the idea nor the danger in the Death Zone with media filming the recovery. 'Murder on Everest' then follows this group and their guides on this expedition to hopefully find Derek and bring his body back down.

Irion and Watkins have woven quite a compelling story with diversity in their characters. A bizarre plot with on target descriptions not only of Everest, but the area and history surrounding it. Readers will feel the authenticity of the book with the portrayal of the weather and efforts of the climbers. An interesting look at people's emotions and needs in a dire location.

"FTC full disclosure - book provided by the publisher"

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  1. I find Everest explorers fascinating--the desire to push themselves into this unwelcoming realm--and way the mountain claims its own must make for a riveting read. I'm interested in the choice of the word "murder" in the title, too. Intriguing review--thanks.