Sunday, May 9, 2010

'L.A. Bytes', 2010, P.A. Brown, MLR Press, LLC

Chris Bellamere is a first class computer problem solver hired by the network manager at Ste. Anne's Medical Center to discover who has hacked into their computers. Chris believes the patient records could be compromised and that the attack came from inside the hospital's network. He leaves to pick up his husband and partner, Detective David Laine who is getting an allergy shot. After the shot is administered, David goes into anaphylactic shock; later Chris is back in the hospital's computers and sees that David received Amoxicillin rather than the anti-allergen that was prescribed and David is allergic to any form of penicillin. Other patients could be at risk and David, with all his expertise, decides to track down this knowledgeable hacker. But the hacker's plan goes far beyond the hospital's computer network and surprises Chris, David and the LAPD.

'L.A. Bytes' is filled with one event occurring after the other and at times on top of each other. Brown has written a book with a storyline that grips you from the very beginning and never loses its pace. Chris and David are solid, likeable characters and Brown has the presence of mind to offer the reader insight into the lives of this gay couple. 'L.A. Bytes' has balance, an intriguing, fast moving plot and a great portrayal of the characters. Brown has accomplished a fantastic job with 'L.A. Bytes'!

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