Saturday, May 22, 2010

'The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy', 2010, J. Michael Orenduff, Oak Tree Press

Herbert Schuze, our pot thief in Albuquerque has discovered that sacred pots were stolen from San Roque, a New Mexico pueblo not open to outsiders. So he makes it his quest to appropriate them and return them, which gives the thievery a charitable side. But he discovers that they are in a penthouse at Rio Grande Lofts, a building with high security. He attends a party in the building with his friend Susannah and runs into the gorgeous Stella on the elevator who foils his plan. A body is found and Herbert becomes a suspect; after all, he was in the room where the body was found. Now Herbert begins to delve further and prove himself innocent, stay ahead of Stella and retrieve the pots.

Orenduff added Stella as a character in this story and she brings humor and reveals a very different side of Herbert. She's funny and delightful; you will laugh out loud. Susannah, his best friend is solid and reliable and always ready to help Herbert. In 'The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy', Orenduff offers up a book with entertaining characters, a beautiful setting and a true sense of the Indidan tribes with their unique talents. A learning experience!


  1. I love it when a reviewer gets my story. Stella seems to be a popular character; I already have requests to bring her back in a future book.

  2. I can second Connie's comment that the Pot Thief books educational as well as fun. Reading them has really changed my perceptions about Native Americans and life in the southwest.

    The author is currently on book tour with his two Pot Thief titles, meandering through New Mexico. Check out his "from the road" blog posts at The Pot Thief blog and OTPblog atmospheric, you will start packing the car!