Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Last Writes', Sheila Lowe; July 2010, Obsidian Div. of Penguin Group

Claudia Rose, a forensic handwriting expert,is looking at a photograph of an angelic looking toddler girl. Her friend Kelly Brennan has just found out that she has a niece from her half sister, Erin Powers, whom she has not seen in almost 20 years and arrives on her doorstep asking for help. Kylie Powers is the little girl in the picture; her mother and father have been members of the Temple of Brighter Light and living secluded lives in a compound. Now Erin's husband and daughter have disappeared leaving a mysterious note with a frightening message. Outsiders are rarely invited to the compound but Claudia makes an impression on Brother Stedman, the leader, at a rally and she and Kelly are invited to the compound. Claudia will be doing handwriting analyses for Stedman and hopes that between her and Kelly they will discover the truth about the disappearance of Kelly's niece Kylie.

'Last Writes' is a page turner that keeps the reader in suspense to the very end. Sheila Lowe has written a solidly crafted plot with intriguing characters in a complex mystery. Lowe delves into personalities through her handwriting analyses giving readers insight of the art. Lowe has filled 'Last Writes' with surprises throughout the book that caught me off-guard and intensified my interest. Sheila Lowe has a dynamic book with 'Last Writes'.

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