Saturday, September 25, 2010

'A Sporting Murder', Chester D. Campbell; 2010, Night Shadows Press, LLC

Greg and Jill McKenzie are hired to investigate talk around Nashville that something illicit is implicated with a transaction to bring an NBA basketball team to Nashville. Their client is attorney Terry Tremont who is retained by a group of Nashville Predators' hockey fans that want to block the businessmen from bringing in an NBA team. The clients believe that football and hockey are enough teams. Greg receives a call from Arnold Wechsel, a nephew of an old Air Force colleague; Arnold wants to meet with Greg that evening and says he has information about the NBA matter that will blow Greg's mind. Greg has bad vibes about the call as well as the meeting that are verified when he discovers Arnold's body. Circumstances become more deadly and Greg believes that he and Jill's lives are in jeopardy. What a way to spend the week before Christmas!

Campbell's main characters, Jill and Greg, are a very likeable and sensible duo that the reader can connect with very easily. 'A Sporting Murder' has an uncommon plot that reveals the talents of Campbell as he weaves through his storyline with his wealth of information. 'A Sporting Murder' is aptly named and once again Chester D. Campbell is skillful at writing another first-rate mystery.

FTC: Full disclosure: Book provided by author

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