Friday, January 14, 2011

'Lights! Camera! Murder!', Loni Emmert, 2010, One Blue Moon Press

Abigail Hale has just returned from taking her daughter Erica to the airport to start college. She is surprised to find her husband home and he is telling her that he is leaving her and the house must be sold. Abigail is shocked and realizes she must begin a new life for herself. And that new life takes her to Hollywood to fulfill a long lost dream. Abby lands a small speaking part in a hit soap opera, 'Lovers Lane'. But Abby is the last person to see the victim of a brutal murder, the leading man Dirk Saunders who is killed just outside Abby's apartment. In order to clear herself of suspicion, she needs to find this deceitful killer that she believes is among the crew and cast of the soap opera.

In 'Lights! Camera! Murder!' romance weaves a role throughout the storyline producing an interesting secondary plot. Loni Emmert's knowledge of Hollywood and the behind the scenes action is very intriguing for the reader. Loni provides a skillful narration with snappy dialogue and a cast of characters that keep the reader absorbed.
I truly enjoyed this book because it gave me some insight into a fascinating field.

Don't miss this one for a great escape!!

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