Monday, January 10, 2011

'When Death Intervenes', L.C. Hayden; April, 2010; Five Star Publishing, a part of Gale Cengage Learning

Linda Randig is on the run to Minnesota when she meets Harry Bronson, a retired Dallas police detective. Her parents and husband have been murdered and someone is threatening to kill her son and grandson unless she drives cross country to Minnesota for some undisclosed reason. Branson's suggestion to aid Linda takes him on a trip that finds him in a situation with a brutal killer as well as a list of possible suspects. Bronson reunites with his former partner and they disover a web of lies and secrets based on a blatant impossibility. Now Bronson must find the killer before more bodies are found and possibly his and Linda's.

'When Death Intervenes' is thoroughly engrossing with no dull moments in this page turner mystery. L.C. Hayden has created an intriguing plot with an inredible storyline that leaves the reader guessing to the very end. Her characters are daring and diversified revealing her talent and skillfulness in her plot, setting and story telling.

Do not miss this winner!

FTC: Book provided by author.

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