Sunday, February 7, 2010

Devils Island, Carl Brookins, 2010, Echelon Press

Mary Whitney and husband Michael Tanner are avid sailors living in Seattle on Puget Sound. They plan to go to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands off the south shore of Wisconsin and charter a sailboat. Michael's business delays his departure and Mary flies off alone. When she arrives in the Apostle Islands she feels a lure to Devils Island, which is isolated, uninhabited and rocky.

Her turbulent relationship with her ex husband Edwin Tobias has been a problem and Michael is concerned about her being alone. But Mary is looking forward to her solo time on the water before he arrives, not expecting or prepared for the events to come.

Carl Brookins is certainly an expert on sailing from every perspective as well as the geographical areas the book encompasses. Mary's character is strong, independent and interesting. However, I would have preferred more intrigue earlier in the book to accompany the fast pace towards the end.

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