Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Duty to the Dead, Charles Todd, 2009, Harper-Collins

In his first of a new series, Todd introduces us to Bess Crawford, who joins the nursing corps at the beginning of the Great War. She gets a first-hand view of the war when she is sent to France and on the hospital ship Britannic.

Bess grows fond of a wounded lieutenant on the ship and promises to keep his dying wish by delivering a message to his brother. When she arrives at the family home in Kent, she is met with apathy from the entire family. A tragedy occurs that prevents Bess from leaving and leads her into a world of murder and secrets. Now her own life is at stake.

Charles Todd is a master of historical mysteries. His characters are so well reinforced that the reader can feel their pain, their losses and the desire for peace in a normal world.

His plot never wavers and his in depth descriptions totally hold the reader's interest. You will come away with an intense understanding of the people and the period.

If you have not read Charles Todd yet, you are missing some fascinating literature. I really enjoyed the start of this new series and look forward to more of Bess.

Todd's new book featuring Ian Rutledge in 'The Red Door' has just been published to the delight of all his fans.

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