Friday, March 26, 2010

'Beyond Guilty', Richard Brawer, 2010, L&L Dreamspell

Eileen Robinson is an African-American teenager brought up in a middle class family in Houston, Texas. Her life goes up in smoke one night through a negligent act that causes the deaths of her two younger sisters. Filled with grief and estranged from her mother, she moves in with a drug dealer and at age 21 is the mother of two. Then she is wrongly convicted of murdering a senator's son and sentenced to die. How does Eileen escape from death row or does she?

I really don't want to reveal any more of the gripping story in 'Beyond Guilty'. Brawer writes a very unusual plot that is engrossing and intriguing. Eileen Robinson is a very resourceful character dealing with each and every adversity thrown her way. Brawer establishes Eileen as a realistic personality with resilience as well as a soft side. After I finished reading 'Beyond Guilty', I had to sit and contemplate the reality of it. Brawer writes spirited prose with authentic dialogue. 'Beyond Guilty' is a stunning thriller!

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