Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'A Brewski For The Old Man', Sept.,2010, Phyllis Smallman, McArthur & Company

In the third Sherri Travis Mystery series, Smallman hits upon social issues in her narrative. Back in Jacaranda,Florida, Sherri has bought the Sunset Bar and has two renters. One is Rena who has a 16 year old daughter Lacey that helps her mother in the Beach Bag shop. Sherri notices that Lacey has an air of sadness about her that tugs at Sherri's heart. And too soon she learns why and sets out to give Lacey emotional support and some advice. Along the way, a murder occurs, Sherri unearths secrets and lies; and her father, Tully Jenkins reappears in her life. Father and daughter reconnect in an unusual way. All sorts of zany situations follow during Sherri's search for the truth. The plots intertwine and maintain interest.

Phyllis Smallman deals with a serious issue in her story but doesn't run away from it. She combines it with an absorbing storyline and captivating people. Her characters range from evil, creepy, eccentric and crazy to funny, thoughtful and engaging.

Another winner for Phyllis Smallman!

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