Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Bury Your Dead', Louise Penny, Oct. 2010,St. Martin's Press/Minotaur Books

'Bury Your Dead' brings us to Quebec City where Chief Inspector Gamache is visiting his mentor Emile Comeau and attempting to deal with the sadness and guilt over those who died under his command. Flashbacks to the attack appear too frequently for Gamache. But before long a man who was a fanatic Champlain historian is murdered. His body is found in the basement of the library of the Literal and Historical Society. Inspector Langlois recognizes Gamache and requests his help to solve the crime. The main plot revolves Champlain including fascinating historical facts about Champlain, the past and present Quebec and the relationship between the separatists, French and the English.
Back in Three Pines, Inspector Belvoir, Gamache's second in command is conducting another investigation regarding the Hermit.

Louise Penny has three intertwined solidly crafted plots with history; at the same time she reveals that there truly are second chances in the world. For me, 'letting go frees you' is an undercurrent throughout the book and Penny skillfully alludes to it with her characters.

Penny never ceases to amaze me and 'Bury Your Dead' exceeded all my expectations. By far, her most intricate storyline complete with human emotions and history. I didn't want this book to end and yet I could not put it down. She has written a true page turner offering surprises and powerful characters with insight into their emotions. 'Bury Your Dead' is a stunning piece of literature and Penny delivers as only she can do. Amazing!


  1. I see another batch of award nominations in Louise's future. :-) She is a phenomenal writer and her new one sounds terrific.

  2. I sure hope Inpector Belvior is a misprint and she hasn't killed off Inspectot Beauvoir. Please!!!