Sunday, June 13, 2010

'How To Crash A Killer Bash', Penny Warner, Aug., 2010, Obsidian/Penguin Group

In San Francisco's Golden Gate Park area, Presley Parker is an event planner working on a mystery play for the de Young Museum fund raiser. Mary Lee Miller is the museum's major fund raiser and philanthropist who has hired Presley, but Parker finds Miller to be pompous, controlling and wants all the credit for herself. Presley has set the mystery theme with her decorating; the actors are in costume and the guests are to arrive dressed as their favorite sleuth. Mary Lee, who is playing the role of the victim is found murdered and Presley's friend, Delicia becomes the prime suspect. Distraught over her friend's predicament, Parker decides to put her investigative skills to work to prove Delicia's innocence. But as she uncovers secrets and pursues her sleuthing, she realizes that her probing could be deadly.

In 'How To Crash A Killer Bash', Penny Warner has written a concise plot with an appealing storyline as well as characters that capture your attention. Detective Melvin is portrayed as a thorn in Presley's side; her mother wins your heart with her likeability; Brad, Parker's neighbor and heart throb keeps you guessing about his intentions. Warner has produced a very enjoyable read with her talented narration.


  1. Sounds like another great read by Penny Warner!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Hi Connie and Morgan,
    Thanks so much for the kind review of HOW TO CRASH A KILLER BASH, and for your comment, Morgan.
    So glad you liked the book.
    And what a great review site!
    Glad I found you.