Saturday, July 17, 2010

'Grave Doubts', John Moss, 2009, Dundurn Press

David Morgan and Miranda Quin are waiting for something to happen; the Toronto detectives are between cases; Morgan is restless and Miranda nervous. Quin delivers a manila envelope with photographs of two headless corpses from a crime scene, a man and woman embracing while wearing early Victorian clothes. Later they arrive where the bodies were found, an old cottage set for demolition. In the process, a hidden closet is found behind a hanging cabinet and the bodies seem well preserved. Morgan and Quin are soon immersed in unusual and contrived wickedness. Moss takes 'Grave Doubts' from Toronto, to a farmhouse on Georgian Bay, a neglected old church to an old shipwreck and each location becomes more puzzling and terrifying. Morgan and Quin are challenged at every turn and their powerful connection to each other is tested by the horrors of this case and the cleverness of the murderer.

In 'Grave Doubts', John Moss has written an 'I couldn't put it down' mystery. An incredible and unusual plot that portrays love, sex, deceit and death in a very different and interesting way. Moss has produced a page turner with his portrayal and insight of his characters, and a gripping plot that never loses a beat.

This is a winner!

FTC: Book provided by author

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