Wednesday, July 7, 2010

'Still Waters', John Moss, 2008, Dundurn Press

Toronto detectives David Morgan and Miranda Quin have been partners for ten years working the homicide division. Each balances the other quite well with their opposite approaches and thoughts dealing with a case. In the wealthy section of Toronto's Rosedale area, a man's body is found in a garden pond and his body is slowly turning. On this property there are ponds with Japanese koi fish and varieties of rare fish. A beautiful woman walks into the crime scene and casually admits that she is the dead man's mistress, and shows no remorse at his death. Our sleuths soon learn that this death is only the starting point; secrets are revealed and Miranda's long-buried past catches up to her and shocks her.

In 'Still Waters', John Moss weaves a most unusual plot connecting the past and the present. He produces unexpected events and hints of secrets hidden in the minds of his characters. Throughout the story Mosss delves inside the heads of Quin and Morgan exposing their inner thoughts and memories. At times I was lost with some of the references. 'Still Waters' deals with a serious issue and Moss uncovers our eyes to heartbreaking circumstances too often a part of real life.

'Still Waters' is not a lightweight mystery but Moss reveals his knowledge of philosophy, psychology and rare fish. Quite a combination.

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