Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'Revenge For Old Times' Sake', Kris Neri; 2010, Cherokee McGhee, L.L.C

Non-conformist Tracy Eaton is an author married to a strait-laced attorney Drew, a junior partner in a law firm nicknamed SCREWED by Tracy's mother. When Tracy witnesses Drew punch his boss Ian Dragger in the nose, she is pleasantly surprised and proud of Drew. But when Ian's body is found in the Eaton's pool, Drew becomes the prime suspect and Tracy has plans to prove Drew's innocence quickly. Then support arrives - her mother, movie actress Martha Collins and Tracy's so-dignified mother-in-law Charlotte Eaton. Whenever Martha and Charlotte are together, the sparks fly constantly. Later another body is found in the pool and Tracy & Co. decide 'enough is enough' and take matters into their own hands. As events keep happening pointing to Drew, Tracy hopes her crazy plan will save him.

Kris Neri has fashioned a plot with many twists and turns in 'Revenge For Old Times' Sake'. Her character portrayal is outstanding, a hilarious mix of personalities that make you laugh out loud. Neri has represented her cleverness at plot with sparkling dialogue and a narration that is never boring. It takes a special talent to create characters so funny while maintaining a solid plot, but Kris Neri has done it.
A very enjoyable read!

FTC: book provided by author

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