Friday, October 15, 2010

'The Blue Virgin', M.K. Graff; 2010, Bridle Path Press, LLC

Bryn Wallace is a beautiful model who leaves the runway to pursue photography and has a relationship with Val Rogan, a textile artist. When Bryn's body is found at her apartment, Val becomes the main suspect for Detective Inspector Declan Barnes of the Criminal Investigation Dept. Bryn and Val were heard to be arguing the night before. Nora Tierney, a close friend of Val's, returns to Oxford to help prove Val's innocence; arriving with her is Simon Ramsey, illustrator of Nora's children's book. Nora quickly becomes immersed in the murder inquiry much to the apprehension of both Barnes and Simon. A story of love and intrigue, 'The Blue Virgin' has a compelling plot. Nora discovers that simple decisions can lead to disastrous ends.

In 'The Blue Virgin', M.K. Graff situates her story in Oxford and offers her readers an inside view of Oxford with all the beauty and history it contains. Her characters are diverse, intriguing and appealing. Graff's storyline is concise without a dull moment; she is adept at producing a clever plot that left me guessing until the very end. 'The Blue Virgin' is very well-written and I enjoyed it immensely! Hope to see more of her books.

Don't miss reading this one!!

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  1. Sounds like an unusual combination of whodunnit elements...I'm interested in the publishing avenue MK took as well. Thanks for posting!