Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Live Ringer', Lynda Fitzgerald; 2010, Crystal Dreams Publishing (a division of Multi-Media Productions, Inc.)

After her divorce, Allie Grainger inherits a beach house in Cape Canaveral from her Aunt Lou and the two were extremely close. Now she has moved back and needs time to mourn and grieve and settle into a home with special memories for her. But within a day, a woman's body is found in the water at the jetty. She renews her childhood friendships with close friends Joe and Sheryl who are on the police force and they discover similar murders along Florida's coast. All the women are about the same age, blonde and divorced and bear a strong resemblance to Allie. Between Joe and the two other men Allie meets,, she believes one is the killer and starts to think she could be his next victim. Finding courage from within, Allie decides to learn the truth but as circumstances heat up, she doesn't know whom to trust.

Lynda Fitzgerald displays her love of Central Florida through her main character, Allie Grainger. 'Live Ringer' is a well-woven story with something for everyone. Along with an interesting mystery, Fitzgerald adds charm with the conversations between Allie and her Aunt Lou. Romance appears as well, but with a dose of reality which keeps the story grounded. Fitzgerald's character descriptions are brought out in friendly narrations as she subtly exposes insight into her characters' moral values. Readers will love her addition of Spook, who steals the show at times and adds humor.
'Live Ringer' is an excellent display of smooth, well-versed writing; a most enjoyable read.

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  1. I've had the immense pleasure of reading LIVE Ringer,and am happy to say it's an intense, entertaining, and intriguing ride that I like to call a "Whogonnadoit" rather than a "Whodunit". A very well-crafted story that kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages well into the wee hours.

    Bravo to Ms. Fitzgerald for her clever and gripping writing style, and on a job well done. I look forward to reading more from this excellent author!

  2. LIVE Ringer is an excellent mystery/suspence novel that delivers. Ms. Fitzgerald creates captivating characters in a Florida setting where you here the waves rolling in. The surprising plot lines keep you turning pages to see what happens next.

    A great read by an experienced writer at the top of her craft. Can't wait to read her next book.