Saturday, October 2, 2010

'Murder at Spouters Point', Leslie Wheeler; Oct., 2010, Five Star Publishing, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning

Miranda Lewis, a writer of American history books and her boyfriend Nate Barnes, a native Indian, are visiting their separate friends in Spouters Point on the Rhode Island coast. His friends are at a Native-owned gambling casino and hers are at the Maritime Museum so they are in different worlds. Erin Meloy is Miranda's close friend and engaged to George Kavanagh, a yachtsman. When George is found murdered, the lead policeman, Curtin believes that only an Indian could perpetrate such a horrible crime and casts his sights on Nate's close friend Jimmy. Nate believes his friend has been framed by prejudiced white people. Miranda's view and feelings are different leading to stress in their relationship. She seeks the truth which leads to a maze of secrets long-buried, lies and an encounter that almost costs her her life.

Leslie Wheeler offers us a look at an unusual subject: Indian-run casinos and a view of prejudice, whether in a relationship, or in general. She has writtten an intriguing plot with insight into her characters who are skillfully portrayed. 'Murder at Spouters Point' has much to offer in history, setting and relationships as well as a mystery brimming with surprises. Leslie Wheeler has written a very enjoyable book.

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