Saturday, October 2, 2010

'No Evidence of A Crime', S. Connell Vondrak; Aug. 2010, Oak Tree Press

Kathleen Jackson has been Jim Jarrod's partner in the Washington, D.C. Police Department for about six months when they are sent to investigate a homicide. The body is a beautiful young woman, a congressional aide who was shot near Capital Mall; but there are disparities with the evidence. A Glock is identified as the murder weapon, but a witness puts the shooter at too great a distance for a handgun. DNA results disclose that the woman was pregnant by a gang member yet she was well-dressed and her teeth and body in excellent condition, showing a degree of affluence. Jarrod and Jackson decide to bring in a forensic scientist and retest the samples. Now Kathleen and Jim need to discover who is meddling with the evidence and why.

Vondrak's plot in 'No Evidence of A Crime' clearly defines her knowledge of forensics and writes a fascinating story with twists and turns. She gives us a captivating, in depth and well-crafted theme offering real truths about the forensics world which I found riveting. A real page turner and a significant debut!

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  1. I was the acquisitions editor who discovered this very talented author. She's the REAL DEAL!