Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'An Axe To Grind', F.M. Meredith, 2010, Oak Tree Press, "FTC full disclosure-book provided by the publisher

Set in Rocky Bluff, CA, a body is found murdered and decapitated; Detectives Frank Marshall and Doug Milligan are on the gruesome scene. While searching the premises, they discover a wall of candid photographs of a young Hispanic woman. The victim, Kenneth Buchelo, was a possible stalker. Doug decides he will start by investigating the stalker's family and identify the woman in the photos.

Stacy Wilbur is engaged to Doug, works in Vice and identifies the woman, Rachel Rivera. Milligan and Marshall now add Rachel and her family to their list. When Doug decides to do a solo investigation, he disappears and Stacey is in a panic. Matters heat up in 'An Axe To Grind' and the pace quickens with many surprises.

One of my favorite characters was Gordon Butler,the newest officer in the police department; unpredictable events happen to him and he adds humor to the story. Meredith reveals some of the personal lives of the main characters, just enough to get to know them better.

'An Axe To Grind' is an easy read with an emphasis on normal police procedures. However, I felt that the book could have had more depth. An undemanding read and comfortable story line.

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