Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Gumbo Justice', Holli Castillo, 2009, Oak Tree Press

In pre-Katrina New Orleans, Ryan Murphy is an Assistant District Attorney who has been assigned to a week of crime scene duty and is called to another murder after a night of too much Tequila. Detective Anthony Chapetti, Shep, picks her up and they head to the St. Thomas Housing Development where she recognizes the victim, L'Roid Smith. Smith was set for trial that week for the murder of three opposing gang members. Bodies start showing up as 'gifts' to Ryan with anonymous phone calls to her announcing each murder. A deranged person is out to ruin Ryan Murphy's life and she is determined to find out why and who.

First in a Crescent City Mystery Series, Holli Castillo has a hit on her hands. She presents a revealing picture of the New Orleans Police Dept., the District Attorney's office and all the politics that go with them. Each character has clear definition with insight into their differences of thinking and their personalities. Castillo's storyline has sub-plots, some personal, that intertwine with the major plot so cohesively and she has a special talent to accommplish this.

'Gumbo Justice' is a book that is hard to put down - great authenticity and a convincing mystery. Readers will be addicted and waiting for the next in the series.


  1. Connie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. The second should be out this summer, Jambalaya Justice, and will answer the questions left at the end of Gumbo Justice.

    Holli Castillo