Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'A Case of Infatuation', W.S. Gager, 2009, Oak Tree Press

Mitch Malone is a loner who works the crime beat for a West Michigan city newspaper. Choosing his own hours and always working alone, he is not happy when his city editor tells Mitch to take Patrenka Peterson with him on his rounds that night. Even though her beauty took his breath away, anger settles in. No interns for him, but he has no choice. They head to the police station and his friend Detective Dennis Flaherty, to see if there are any crimes to cover, and Mitch hears of a murder. When he and Patrenka arrive, the scene has the looks of a mob hit and Mitch unwillingly agrees to secretly take and hide a potential witness.

When the FBI accuses Mitch of murder, he goes into hiding with his silent intern and the witness. Terrorists, FBI and disappearances create a bizarre story that is a page turner.

This is a crime novel debut by W.S. Gager; 'A Case of Infatuation' is splendidly written. The plots and characters are solid and make for a great read.

An outstanding debut!

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  1. Thanks for a great review Connie. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!