Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'The Surest Poison', Chester D. Campbell, 2009, Night Shadows Press

Nashville and its surrounding areas are the setting for Campbell's mystery. Sid Chance is an ex-police chief working as a private investigator in Nashville. Attorney Arnie Bailey calls Sid to hire him to find a missing company regarding a chemical pollution case. Sid has been highly recommended by his good friend, Jasmine (Jaz) LeMieux. Bailey's client has inherited a pollution problem that was created by the former property owner. Jaz and Sid learn from a friend, Homicide Detective Bart Masterson, that a man who worked on a Metro garbage truck has been found shot 5 times. In their pursuit to find the real polluter, they are followed, people are murdered and others disappear.

Campbell's writing takes you to different areas in and around Nashville in an informative direction. His real talent lies in his compact plot that is unusual and intriguing. The chemical pollution aspect of "The Surest Poison' deals with a modern issue and Campbell inspires the reader to cheer for Sid and Jaz. The characters in this book are persistent in their goals, and on the personal side, Sid learns a lot about himself.

Very enjoyable and interesting read!

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  1. Thanks for the review, Connie. The idea for this book came from a PI friend who had a similar case (without the murders) around Jackson, TN a few years ago. It was fun to write bringing in members of the Miss Demeanor and Five Felons Poker Club.