Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Cold Moon Home', Julia Pomeroy, 2007, Carroll & Graf Publishers

In a small town called Bantam in upstate New York, Abby Silvernale works as a waitress at the InBetween restaurant. Fall has come and business is slowing down so her hours are cut and Abby takes a part-time secretarial job for a 91 year old sculptor, Norman, who has a declining memory. Then flashy, beautiful Germaine LeClair, an author, flies into town and Abby learns that Germaine has a long background with Norman. However, Abby senses that she is not what she seems and that she is keeping a lot of secrets about her past. New workers are hired at the restaurant and odd events begin to evolve. Abby does not like or trust the new dishwasher, Fritz. Soon, the secrets of the past combine with a web of conspiracy, retribution and violence and Abby discovers she must struggle to live.

'Cold Moon Home' leaves the reader wanting more Abby. Pomeroy's book has depth with solidly crafted plots. Her endearing Abby is so believable as well as likeable. Pomeroy accomplishes making Bantam as genuine as the characters in her book. 'Cold Moon Home' has a literary style that grabs you and you find yourself in Bantam with Abby, cheering her on. Pomeroy has provided maximum enjoyment in her book with her convincing storyline and characters. Would like to see more books from her.

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