Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'In Franklin's House', Beverly Lauderdale, 2010, Oak Tree Press, 'FTC full disclosure-book provided by publisher'

Kate and Dan Andrews have moved from Iowa to northern California hoping to start a new life together after Dan's affair with his partner's wife. Molly, their daughter, is in Iowa in her senior year in high school. Kate falls in love with a 100 year old Victorian house that Dan doesn't like because of the work involved. But Kate gets her wish. She is drawn to the north room of the house and feels its power and decides to claim it as hers for writing poetry.She decides to check out the closet and finds a hidden wall and discovers Amy Elliott's diary from 1906. In it, Amy writes of her dead husband Franklin visiting her. Along with the diary, Kate finds a rose bud necklace referred to in the diary; when Amy would put the necklace on, Franklin would appear to her. Kate is doubtful that this is possible. But is it?

Overall, I found Kate unbelievable, so needy and willing to leave her daughter behind and move across the country for Dan and his new job and the 'chance' for a new life. Lauderdale presents Dan as a more believable character, but not one readers will like.

'In Franklin's House' is for readers who enjoy fantasy with some history.

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