Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Uncle Si's Secret', M.M. Gornell, 2008, Aberdeen Bay/Champion Writers

In Cedar Valley, Washington on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, Lana Norris is walking her dog Max, when she is murdered. Her last vision is of Uncle Si's Mountain. Belinda (Bella) Jones and her brother Bernard, have owned and run The Cedar Valley Residence for five years. They love what they do and genuinely care for their residents. When Lana's body is found near their property line, the residents are stunned and scared. Police arrest the husband, Kirby Norris, but his mother, Olive Norris strongly believes he is innocent. She asks Belinda, who has had success in investigative work, to find the real murderer. Since Bella and Bernard both believe Kirby to be innocent, Bernard convinces her to take the job. Once Bella undertakes the job, she is entangled in a puzzling maze with unpredictable and startling results.

In 'Uncle Si's Secret', Gornell takes us to the areas around Seattle with enjoyable scenic descriptions. She delivers inviting warm characters, as well as some unpleasant and cold ones. Gornell has a real knack for portraying her characters so readers can appreciate their personalities. 'Uncle Si's Secret' is an inviting mystery that will engage you.

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