Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Death on the Aegean Queen', Maria Hudgins, 2010, Five Star Publishind/Gale, Cengage Learning

The Aegean Queen cruise ship is leaving Piraeus Harbor in Athens with Dotsy Lamb and her two friends Lettie and Ollie Osgood accompanying her. Dotsy is also hoping to reestablish her relationship with Marco Quattrocchi, a Carabieneri captain she met several years ago in Italy. Dotsy and her friends meet George and Kathryn Gaskill from Indiana and Ollie and George join a poker game that evening. Later, George is missing and a pool of blood is found on the ship's deck with an odd note nearby. But no body. Ollie had lost a lot of money to George and he becomes the prime suspect. 'Death on the Aegean Queen has a focus on archaeology; many antiquities are exhibited in display cases on the ship; these could have been stolen from museums or maybe smuggled from their country of origin. In beautiful Mykonos another murder occurs; then Hudgins takes us to Crete where the mystery-murders-antiquities finally connect but not before more danger happens.

Hudgins has set her mystery in some of the most beautifully described places in Greece. She has added a bit of romance, humor and informal dialogue with history. 'Death on the Aegean Queen' ventures into fascinating information about antiquities while at the same time provides a solid plot(s). Not only is this a very favorable read, but the reader is exposed to fascinating history of places and things.

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